The Outer Island plans and building manual are available for the home builder. The only power tools needed are a Saber Saw, Orbital and Finish Sanders and a Table or Radial Arm for ripping strips. (or a mounted circular saw) Building a strip built boat can seem intimidating at first. Once you fit your first five strips, you’re on your way and believe it or not can get very addicting.

The Outer Island is one kayak you’ll never outgrow. The plans are drafted full size and the 24 page manual is fully illustrated with drawings and photos ...leaving nothing to the imagination. There is a full appendix for all supplies and tools as well as a phone call away for any questions or discussion you have about the building process. The plans include complete instructions for installing VCP (Valley Canoe Products) hatches as well as plans for 100% watertight flush wood hatches for the wood purest. One of the Outer Island Kayaks is always available for trial in Branford, Connecticut, USA.
Note: If you are very large or wear a very large shoe size - please call. I’m 6’2”, 185 lbs, 10 1/2 shoe and fit fine. If you order plans keep this in mind, or give me a call to discuss. This is an excellent high-end performance kayak with lots of rough water testing.

Outer-Island Video - DVD (FREE)
The Outer- Island DVD has been prepared to indoctrinate people into the strip building process as well as to visually display the kayak on land and on the water. Most people live too far away to try one this will show its visual and handling characteristics.
This is not a video of the total construction of the Outer Island Kayak, but an overview of the process, focusing on the traits of the Outer Island with segments showing the strongback and forms, seat, hatches as well as the kayak in action and some Eskimo Rolling. The 1st Roll video also shows a lot of the Outer-Island Kayak.

The video is included FREE with the purchase of plans. To rent it, send $20 and receive $17 back when I receive the video back (video must be returned within one month). If you choose to keep it ...that’s fine, but please let me know so I can produce more duplicates. Copy it if you like. Basically, the video comes to you FREE!

Cost / Payment / Order
Plans and Building Instruction Manua / video - $95. Outer Island Video - $20.
Now available! “1st Roll”- Self-instruction Eskimo Rolling video (VHS) $29.95
Plus $ 6. S & H    

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