Q & A

The Outer-Island Kayak is a low volume strip-built kayak following the West Greenland lines. The kayak is designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers with its 21 inch beam ...yet its quite stable ...comparable to many boats in the intermediate level. At 18 feet', its quite fast with a stronger tracking characteristic yet plenty maneuverable for sea touring, playing in waves and winding along rocky shores.

The Outer Island was designed in 1995 with performance, rolling ability, low windage and speed as the main criteria. It was the first low volume strip built kayak and the first to incorporate flush hatches and the option of VCP hatches. Four sets of design changes through four seasons of sea trials and testing were incorporated into the current hull design and plans. The Outer Island is extremely forgiving because of its strong secondary stability and low volume which makes it roll very easily and it will also lay on it’s side with very little sculling effort. Paddlers who know the technique can easily balance brace it! These characteristics were well thought out in advance and incorporated in to the hull shape ...a major criteria of the designer. Paddlers who like to play in their boats will fully appreciate its forgiving traits.

The Outer-Island kayak maintains its low lines yet will comfortably handle 6’3” paddlers with plenty of foot room and will not force you into a straight leg position. Its 7” rear deck height behind the seat, allows for ease of leaning back when rolling yet can still carry a weekend trip.

The kayak is a total joy to paddle with its effortless speed and the way it cuts across waves as well as the secure feeling it gives you when you lean it. All who try it are extremely surprised by its friendly handling and speed. The Outer Island has been tested in 5 and 6 ft. waves and will perform as good or better as the most acclaimed kayaks in the world. Its length of 18' increases speed and achieves it’s long low looks.

As far as initial stability ... it's similar to a Valley Pintail, Necky Arluk III, Arctic Hawk with much greater secondary. I've never had anyone who wasn't overwhelmed with the kayak, its handling as well as its stability.

Jay Babina, Designer • Email