Instructional Rolling Video (DVD)
for Sea Kayakers

Learning the Eskimo Roll is every kayakers dream from the moment they venture out on their first paddling experience. The idea of bringing yourself upright from a capsize is not only unique to the design of the kayak but remains one of the utmost safety skills that the sea kayaker can learn. “1st ROLL” addresses the concerns of the novice kayaker and demonstrates a simplified approach to learning the extended paddle roll, which is the easiest style roll to learn for beginners.

In this DVD, you will learn about various paddle styles with information on the feathered, unfeathered and Greenland style paddles as well as rolling in wind, clothing, boat fit and other real problems that face the beginning kayaker who wants to learn to roll. All sections of the Eskimo Roll are broken down into individual segments making it easy to learn with a building-of-skills approach. There's no white water boats in this video. It addresses the problems and methods for learning to roll the Sea Kayak.

This video presents a teaching aid that will turn even the most apprehensive paddler into one who can conquer the roll because of the simple step by step method which doesn’t force you under water until you’re ready.

Learn at your own pace. It’s within your reach...
You'll be amaized at how easy it actually is.

and instruction
by various paddlers:

Running time - 45 minutes.
$29.95 plus $3 S & H
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Outer-Island Kayak

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